St Joseph’s School Northam meet the Prof

Last month, Mr Gargano and the students at St Joseph’s School, Northam, hosted Professor Phil Bland, Doctor Gretchen Benedix and Jay Ridgewell from the Fireballs team. We were excited to meet one of our participating schools in the program and share with them the science and wonder of meteors and meteorite study. Phil talked to the year 7s, 8s, 9s and 10s […]

Comet along to astrofest this weekend!

Comet along to Astrofest this weekend! It’s going to be a great bunch of fun at Astrofest at the weekend, and to entice you, here’s some pictures from the World’s Largest Astronomy Lesson last month. The astronomy lesson was a fantastic coming together of the community with telescopes, binoculars and wonder. We’ll be making comets out of dry ice and talking about […]

Why surveying?

Why surveying? – Fireballs in the Sky   To accurately track down the trajectory of the meteor, we need to know the exact angle vertically and horizontally as well as velocity of entry. To do this we are extracting information from each of the different videos. The team have already been out to the Scarborough Beach Rd/Charles St intersection with help from […]

Meteorite or Meteorwrong?

Think you found the Perth Daytime Fireball meteorite? Our scientists aren’t ruling out that the fireball on Monday resulted in a meteorite – in fact if there’s any rocks around, there’s probably quite a few. The fireball was last seen Monday 9:30 am fragmenting in the sky north of Perth. Bring your suspected meteorite along to Curtin University on Friday to speak […]

Perth Daytime Fireball – sightings

Perth Daytime Fireball – sightings – Fireballs in the Sky Maree It was 9:26 (I looked at the clock after I saw it) and I was about 80 km before Southern Cross on the highway from Kalgoorlie. I passed an 80km sign just before I saw it. It crossed right in front of my car for about one second and went down […]

Perth Daytime Fireball Monday 9 March 2015

It’s been a very exciting day at Curtin Uni amongst the Fireballs in the Sky team, thanks to the Perth daytime fireball at around 9:25 am this morning. Click here for the storify summary of the way the excitement played out today online. From all app sightings, reports and dash cam videos it seems the flash of white light, or streaming fireball […]

Travelling exhibits off to their first community libraries

Our graphic exhibit was built with the help of Scitech in Perth and has since travelled to the Australian Museum in Sydney, the Kalgoorlie Town Hall and has also had a stint in the Western Australian State Library. This year we’re sending three sets of the exhibit out to community centres and libraries across WA and SA to share our project with […]

Watch a DFN camera being built

While Jimmy and Martin C were out installing cameras in South Australia they put together this little video to show us how it’s done. Watch a DFN camera being built in a day: It was an all day job, about 5 – 6 hours of working in the sun, but it is a beautiful location. Kondoolka is on the eastern edge of […]

App now helps you find Meteor Showers

Your best chance of seeing a meteor is by star gazing when there’s a meteor shower. With today’s much-anticipated app update, you can now use Fireballs in the Sky to find out when and where to look to see that meteor shower. The best bit: Choose a meteor shower and your phone will move you to the right position to see it […]