Perth Daytime Fireball – sightings

Perth Daytime Fireball – sightings – Fireballs in the Sky

It was 9:26 (I looked at the clock after I saw it) and I was about 80 km before Southern Cross on the highway from Kalgoorlie. I passed an 80km sign just before I saw it. It crossed right in front of my car for about one second and went down behind a gum tree on the left hand side of the road. I kept my eye on the tree and slowed down as it seemed that it had to have landed. However as I got to the tree I realized that it may have been deceptive but surely it would start a fire I reasoned. I couldn’t see any dust or smoke so drove on to the crest of a hill a further few km and pulled up to look back. I couldn’t see any smoke and gave up and drove on. However I believe the trajectory was such that it was close to impact.

A few farmer East of Bunjil in the Perenjori shire heard a double explosion and their houses also shook, just wondering if the explosion noise could be a fragment hitting the ground also causing the ground to shake, it was about 9.25 am yesterday.

From Channel Nine’s viewers overnight
• Yes I saw the fire ball whilst driving to Perth on the Kwinana freeway. It went across at 9.34am. It was an extremely bright light with a silver fire trail. It was very close to where I was driving and lower to the ground than in the footage you have of it. It looked like it would have landed in Mount Pleasant/Applecross area or the River just near there. It was amazing!

• I saw this while a passenger in a car driving towards Perth through Cannington on the Albion Highway. The object had a bright red tail, with a brilliant white head. It disappeared (disintegrated ?) in a brilliant white flash of light while still airborne.

• My husband spotted the fireball today we are in Morawa 380kms north east of perth not sure if it was the same one or another one

I was on the news tonight. I just wanted to let you guys know that all of the videos on tv are so far away and what I saw was real close and a lot slower. Like, only a few meters away. I honestly believe it was maybe the the end of it. This was on west coast drive north beach and it was close in the dune? Maybe a fragment of it but I’m sure there’s something there?

My name is Jayden Hill and I live in Seabird near Lancelin. Around the same time as the sighting was in Perth I heard a large bang that I couldn’t explain. I left it until I saw 9 news and thought this would help with trying to find where it landed

I was at a location east of Perth -31.6234717, 116.457833.
I was facing north and saw the meteor heading downwards in a northwesterly direction (towards Bindoon). It disappeared well above the horizon.
It was approximately 09.20 am.

I witnessed the meteor from here at Coogee, it was travelling at tremendous speed Northwards. The head was glowing white and the tail was extremely long.

Via Facebook Jemma
Hello, my husband rang me this morning at 9.54am saying a sonic boom shook his farmshed a bit earlier. Thought he was going mad until he heard reports of a fireball on the ABC radio. He farms west of Wubin 250km NE of Perth. Hope this helps