Comet along to astrofest this weekend!

Comet along to Astrofest this weekend!

Tayla with her dry ice comet
Tayla with her dry ice comet

It’s going to be a great bunch of fun at Astrofest at the weekend, and to entice you, here’s some pictures from the World’s Largest Astronomy Lesson last month. The astronomy lesson was a fantastic coming together of the community with telescopes, binoculars and wonder.

World's Largest Astronomy Lesson Jay Keegan Lucy Tayla
World’s Largest Astronomy Lesson Jay Keegan Lucy Tayla

We’ll be making comets out of dry ice and talking about how meteor showers come from comets and asteroids again at Astrofest. You can also bring in some rocks and suspected meteorites for us to play Meteorite or Meteorwrong?!

Dry Ice Comet with Tayla, Keegan
Tayla and Keegan with a dry ice comet

We just got notice this week that we have been officially recognized by Guinness World Records! Congratulations to everyone involved, you can check out the entry here.

Astrofest details:
Saturday 28 March
Curtin Stadium, Curtin University
5:30 pm – 9:30 pm

  • Night Sky viewing through telescopes
  • Safe solar viewing through telescopes (before it gets dark)
  • Astronomy talks
  • Astrophotograhy competition
  • Lego display and make your own lego SKA dish
  • Star Wars characters and photo booth
  • Night Sky tours
  • Water rockets
  • Scitech Spacedome shows
  • Scitech science shows
  • Exhibition stalls
  • Fireballs in the Sky team! – make a dry ice comet and identify meteorite or meteorwrong?!