lizard on rock in crater
Catwalk lizard, showing his best side

Luke, Martin and Jarryd headed off to Wolfe Creek meteorite crater in remote WA last week. The plan was to make a 3D image of the crater using a drone, map the crater, take some samples (to analyse for shock or melt glass and confirm the date of impact) and combine it all to make a virtual fieldwork laboratory so that anyone can zoom around the crater, looking at various rocks and features.

Luke’s journal continues …

Dear diary,

After 3,000 km and 2.5 days of driving, we have finally arrived at the crater! We arrived at 3 pm and didn’t have much daylight left, so time only for a quick reconnaissance of the crater. We took the GPS units and split up – the aim was to get good coordinates for the UAV to know where not to fly.

I took a few notes on the rocks as I fought my way through the bush. The other guys got back before me, having taken the easier path with glorious views of the sunset. My path, though shorter, was more of a field of boulders filled with obstacles and barbs.

Back to camp then, for steak with a red wine sauce for dinner (yes, you heard correct – we see your wilderness and raise you a dash of luxury!) Other notes: still alive, none of the tell-tale signs of a horror thriller (yet) and the campsite is full = witnesses (yay!)