Giant Convecting Mud Balls of the Early Solar System

When Prof Phil Bland’s new paper hit the internet with a title of “Giant Convecting Mud Balls of the Early Solar System” published in Science Advances , you know all the science blogs got excited! Give a google of “bland mud balls” and you’ll see just how many ways they tried to describe it pop-sci style… (spoiler alert: it involves “mud” “balls” and “solar system”) 😛 😉

Some of our favourites:

Giant mud balls roamed the early solar system _Science News

Asteroids may have been giant mudballs in the early solar system _ New Scientist

New research suggests Earth started its days as a giant ball of mud – ScienceAlert

Asteroids Might Start As Giant Mud

Mud balls in space may have populated early solar system _ Cosmos

Planets like earth may have had muddy

Digging in clay mud is hard work

Bland knows a thing or two about mudballs. Credit Desert Fireball Network



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