Fireballs app now available for download!

We have been collaborating with our partners ThoughtWorks to produce a fantastic meteor reporting app – you can grab it now by going to our Downloads page or searching “Fireballs in the Sky” in the App Store or Google Play store (it’s available for both iOS and Android).


The app allows anyone to report a fireball sighting anywhere in the world. It’s free, and it has a very easy interface – simply point at the sky where you think the fireball started and click on your phone, and do the same for where you think it ended. You can then input a variety of other data. If we get enough observations we can determine a trajectory and send that information back to you – for instance, you might get a message that the rock that made your fireball came from the outer asteroid belt, or that it was a chunk of a comet. Let us know if you have any problems, or suggestions for improvements. Hope you have fun with it!