Help count craters on Mars!

Understanding the accuracy of automation is ever increasingly important – and is the focus of many research projects – including Curtin University student Philip Long. His work is looking at craters on Mars and you can help evaluate the accuracy of an automated crater counting algorithm. Keen? If you go to the website, you’ll see a picture of the surface of Mars. If you […]

‘Sling-shot’ show for NASA spacecraft over Australia

Stargazers will be treated to a rare skyshow when NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft ‘sling-shots’ its way over Australian skies on September 23. Using Earth’s gravity to give it an orbital boost, OSIRIS-REx will rendezvous with the asteroid Bennu in 2018. The Earth flyby will give astronomers and those with high-end cameras a chance to view this rare encounter. OSIRIS-REx is on an extraordinary […]