App now helps you find Meteor Showers

Fireballs in the Sky app: Orionids Meteor Shower
Version 1.3.0 of the Fireballs in the Sky app includes a meteor shower “pointer”

Your best chance of seeing a meteor is by star gazing when there’s a meteor shower. With today’s much-anticipated app update, you can now use Fireballs in the Sky to find out when and where to look to see that meteor shower.

The best bit: Choose a meteor shower and your phone will move you to the right position to see it (using those little orange arrows).

The guys at Thoughtworks have created a nifty feature on the app which combines useful information on sixty-three meteor showers with the augmented reality display. This means that you can open it up, click on the shower and it will tell you all about it, such as how many meteors to expect per hour and what the moon will be doing at the shower’s peak.

Our favourite bit: The more meteor gazing you guys do, the more sightings we hope to receive!

Let us know in the notes section on a report if you used the shower feature to find yours.

Fireballs in the Sky app: Beta Centaurids meteor shower
Fireballs in the Sky app: Beta Centaurids meteor shower details