Katie’s Field Blog – coming back home

The team finish up the last camera installations and truck on home … Friday 9 May: “Early to bed, early to rise.”  I do not follow this philosophy, as I was the first to bed and the last to rise this morning.  While the guys enjoyed coffee and fried breakfast, I was informed by Martin T at 9 am that it was […]

Katie’s Field Blog – Days 4 – 7

The story continues as the team install more cameras and run into some bad weather … Monday 5 May: Our day started out well, albeit with a few hiccups.  Getting the camera to connect to Telstra took some effort, but that was solved fairly quickly; now we can talk to it and download pictures directly from our offices at Curtin University.   The […]

Katie’s Field Blog – Days 1, 2, 3

Thanks to Katie Dyl for keeping a blog on the latest DFN trip – read on find out what it’s like to venture into the outback to install the cameras. This blog will come in three installments – keep an eye on the twitter feed or facebook to know when then next is up. On this trip were: Martin Towner (Project Manager), […]

Ellie’s Field Blog

Want to get a taste of what it’s really like out in the field? Ellie Sansom, one of the PhD students working on the Desert Fireball Network, has written about her experiences on the most recent field trip to the Nullarbor in October 2013. Ellie, Robert, Phil, Martin T and Martin C all travelled out into the desert together, to replace and […]