Red faces for red sand dune camera

It was an amusing text message I received from Luke this week with some pictures of a very wonky looking camera:

wonky camera
A very wonky camera

Luke and the team are out servicing and installing yet more DFN cameras across eastern South Australia. They woke up to find the camera they had serviced the day before positioned at a jaunty angle. The sand dune it was on had collapsed!

sinking camera
Sinking camera?

When setting up DFN cameras, it’s important to find a flat, raised area to limit any trees or hills in the camera view. It’s also important to find a stable bit of land … The land under this camera just wasn’t stable enough!

tipsy camera
Tipsy camera?

Luke and Martin spent the day disassembling, scouting for a new location and reassembling the camera. Fortunately, the DFN camera design is perfect for this. It comes apart into transportable pieces and does not require any permanent infrastructure to be installed. It wasn’t even harmed after the ground fell out from beneath it!

So, a few red faces in the DFN team for installing the camera in a not quite ideal setting, but the team were happily able to fix the problem in day.

What they didn’t enjoy was the 46 C heat and the sandstorm they had to do it in!
Keep up the good work guys!