Report A Fireball


This Inspiring Australia initiative is supported by the Australian Government through the Department of Industry.

The partners

Fireballs in the Sky would not be possible without the support of our partners all around Australia and the world.

The Desert Fireball Network project is funded through the ARC Australian Laureate Fellowship scheme, and also receives institutional support from Curtin University.

The institutions

The Desert Fireball Network team is grateful for the support of the following institutions:

The people

Fireballs in the Sky and the Desert Fireball Network would not be possible without the help and support of the many people who have given time and energy to this project, including:

  • Terry McClafferty
  • Leonie Rennie
  • Patrice Williams
  • David and Junko Vaughan
  • Rod and Jill Campbell
  • Andrew Forte
  • Brie and Colin Campbell
  • Mark and Karen Forrester
  • Mark Creasy
  • Burchell Jones
  • Tex Moore
  • Grahame and Trudy Kennedy
  • Tony Davies
  • Clive Daw
  • John Becher
  • Adam Cvijanovic
  • Renaud Merle
  • Marion Grange

The Fireballs in the Sky app

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Fireballs in the Sky has worked closely with ThoughtWorks who have developed the meteor-reporting app, available now for iOS and Android.

Visit our Downloads page to find out how to get the app.

We continue to enjoy a productive working relationship with ThoughtWorks and we can’t wait to see what future versions of the app may hold!