Ross and his telescope wait for darkness so they can explore the Solar System together.

Ross joined the Desert Fireball Network team as an Honours student after completing his BSc of Applied Geology in 2012 at Curtin University. His research involves mineralogical and geochemical studies of carbonaceous chondrites, focusing on the Mulga (West) meteorite where he aims to identify the temperatures that this meteorite had experienced and what this tells us about the early Solar system. Studying Mulga (West) has left him hopelessly intrigued with meteorites, so much so that he is planning to move to Sweden and pursue a PhD in Planetary Geology.

When Ross isn’t working on meteorites, he might be seen playing in the City of Perth Concert, Brass and Swing bands as well as Leeming Area Concert Band playing euphonium, trumpet and tenor horn! Ross also enjoys photography, kayaking, karate and mineral collecting.