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DFN did it again!


The DFN did it again! The fireball chasers and citizen science successfully tracked and recovered a freshly fallen meteorite from a Western Australian farm!

The 1.15kg meteorite, which is shaped like a squished brick, fell to earth at 8.04pm on Monday, 31 October 2016 and was located and recovered within the week, thanks to reports from our award-winning Fireballs in the Sky citizen science app (in particular from Carol Redford, founder Stargazers Club of WA), leading to a rapid response by the DFN team downloading the data from our outback camera system.

Recovered so swiftly and with minimum contamination (i.e. no rain!), it’s a gloriously pristine sample, already X-ray CT scanned and ready for thin section analysis… as you can imagine the scientists are stoked! In particular, the meteorite may have retained salt crystals and potentially water from its parent asteroid – an exciting find if it matched water found on Earth.

It’s a thrill that the public played a part in making this extraordinary recovery – from app reports to the locals support in searching their land – amazing what happens when we can connect the community with STEM research in action!

To jump on board with citizen science, download our award-winning app and keep connected with our planetary science adventures as we chase down clues to the formation of our solar system!


Click here to read the full media release, see more photos on our facebook page and follow @FireballsSky to catch the news coverage shared online.

If you would like to read the thrilling tale of Carol Redford’s chance encounter, head to her blog,


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