Transient astronomy with the DFN

Transient Astronomical Events or ‘transients’ are flickers in space – changes in light that last for seconds, days, weeks or years at a time. These could be caused by supernovae, gamma ray bursts, or asteroids and planets passing in front of their sun. Hadrien’s doing a PhD with the Fireballs team and working out how to use our Desert Fireball Network cameras to […]

Oodnadatta Fireball

Oodnadatta Fireball – Fireballs in the Sky Did we mention how much we love fireballs? This image of an Oodnadatta Fireball was taken by Peter Jerie, amateur astrophotographer on 1 April 2015. We came across it on the blog Lunar Meteorite Hunters a few days later, checked our own Desert Fireball Network cameras, and yes! We got some pictures of it too! We’re […]

Albany Science Awareness Festival

WA’s south west isn’t the best terrain for finding meteorites, but that’s where you would have found some last week, along with the Fireballs in the Sky team  – at the Albany Science Awareness Festival. Lucy and Jay had a great time with the folks in Albany  for the Scitech Albany Science Awareness Festival and Great Southern Science Council Careers Rock! Forum. We met more […]